About STAP phenomena from viewpoints as a mechanical engineer

It was very sad that Dr. Sasai killed himself.
I haven’t met him and I haven’t read his papers.

Moreover I am only a mechanical engineer working for a company. But he was a famous researcher in the field of bio-chemistry. My subjects and missions don’t posses any relations with his works. There had never be relation between me and him.

However, I have many concerns about his and Dr. Obokata’ s word; STAP phenomena. They explained their work using the key-word/ STAP phenomena not using STAP cells.

Modern bio-chemistry has revealed a lot of phenomena in cells. Especially, technologies using DNAs have built a lot of knowledges about heredity.

Meanwhile, modern both biology and chemistry haven’t revealed remarkable anything about evolution. Considerations of evolution have been yet natural historical in modern biology from viewing points as a mechanical engineer. Moreover, who can denies that there are interactions between cells and mechanical stress fields which are produced by high pressure water and electromagnetic fields in ionized baths including acids.

Valence electrons energy of DNA may be affected by changing of outer physical field. It might posses relationship with evolution and variety of life.

STAP phenomena may be wrong, however from viewpoints as a mechanical engineer , there must be interactions between cells and outer physical field-change. That will be an answer for evolution, I think.

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